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See full fluff documentation for detailed installation instructions and usage examples.

Quick Installation

Please note: from version 3.0 on, fluff only works on Python 3.6+ and Python 2.x will no longer be supported. For a Python 2 version you can install fluff 2.1.4. Keep in mind that most scientific Python software will stop supporting Python 2 in 2020: https://python3statement.org/.

The most straightforward way to install fluff is with conda using the bioconda channel.

If you have not used bioconda yet, first set up the necessary channels (in this order):

$ conda config --add channels defaults
$ conda config --add channels bioconda
$ conda config --add channels conda-forge

Now you can install fluff:

$ conda install biofluff

Quick Usage

See the quick examples in the Usage section.


If you find fluff useful, please cite:

Georgiou G, van Heeringen SJ. (2016) fluff: exploratory analysis and visualization of high-throughput sequencing data. PeerJ 4:e2209 doi: 10.7717/peerj.2209.




This module is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.