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Supplementary material for the Xenopus 2012 genome workshop

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Xenopus 2012 Workshop - Supplementary information

This is a companion page for the workshop given at the 14th International Xenopus Conference. It contains the presentations as well as all the links and resources mentioned in the workshop.


Xenopus functional genomics: data availability and visualization (odp|pdf)

An overview of high-throughput regulatory analysis with a specific focus on Xenopus ChIP-sequencing data resources. This workshop will cover different types of epigenetic and regulatory data, sequencing and analysis workflows, data types and file formats and basic visualization.

Xenopus functional genomics: computational analysis of ChIP-seq data (odp|pdf)

This workshop will give an introduction to basic analysis of Xenopus ChIP-sequencing data using free public resources such as the UCSC Table Browser and Galaxy. Topics include peak-calling, gene set analyses and data visualization.

TBP peak calling example

H3K4me3 and H3K27me3 heatmap/profile example

Veenstra lab data


Resources and tutorials



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